WARP SPEED | No Man's Sky #2

game review

Lets charge with some carbon. (Game:) [robot voice] Technology recharged. Jack: [robotic voice] Technology recharged.

Power canister! [Reading] Increased capacity power gel source. [Reading] Promotes efficient power storage within exosuit in starship Can I.. Can I like- ooh. [Reading] Charge equipment with oxide. Can I upgrade my stuff? Like, stick in some- stick in some little upgrade-dooders?

No, what the hell does a fascination beam do? [Reading] Golden metal sphere used to temporarily increase the processing power of electronic lifeforms. [Reading] Conductivity within an entity’s casing is dramatically increased, [Reading] resulting in faster analysis and research. [strained] Whaat? Imma transfer you, and Imma transfer you. Back to my ship.

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Just so I can get more resources when I’m down here. ‘K. What do we got? Is there are people here?

Or other creatures, I should say. Hold on. I don’t think I’m ever gonna come across other people. I got another fascination bead. Isn’t that fascinating? And lemmium.

Okay, I need that AtlasPass v1 whatever the that thing is. Look at all- oh, that’s aluminum. God damnit, my inventory’s full again.

[fast] Stop it! I’m gonna send this back again. There’s no free slots?!? sake.

What is this? Are you a beacon? Hello, little animal! How are you? [Reading] Bypass Chip Required Ooh! Can I make one of those, yet?

Umm, send back some zinc. Here we go, can I make- oh, I can! Yes. Nice! Now what do you- what do you actually do? [Reading] Search for nearboy points of- nearby points of interest.

[Reading] Shelter marker dectected, wavelength online [Reading] Local transmission station, colonial outpost. Um.. shelter? Shelter marker, a local transmission, colonial outpost. Let’s go to the colonial outpost! Anything?

Oo, manufacturing facility detected! Awesome! ‘Kay, I’m gonna go there after. Maybe I could actually sell stuff- or maybe I could sell stuff here, cause this looks like a trader. Hello! What do I do with you?

Supervisor Abet. Hello- you areĀ  ghastly looking- you look like Garfield, crossed with a lizard. Safer Kis- yup. Oo!

Take the blueprint. [Reading] A lone- A lone creature awaits me. Diminutive, beaked, [Reading] unthreatening. It regards me with passing curiosity, [Reading] The slate also contains a blueprint for a new technology- a Hyperdrive! Abet: Bleugh Bleugh! The squat being busies itself- the squat being busies itself- okay!

I discovered a Hyperdrive! I need Dynamic Resonator and Heridium again. Of course I need Heridium, I need that for everything. Research Specimen! Interact.

[Reading] Your standing with the Gek has increased. I have no idea what I just did. But good! If that increases our understanding of each other. Multi-tool Tech.

Oh yeah! Getting into these places gives me new stuff right? Like new technologies? Met two aliens.

Technically, I’m the alien, they’re the indigenous people. [Reading] New technology discovered! Press thing to open inventory. Reload accelerant sigma.

Boltcaster Companion Unit. Whaa? Oh, yeah! That’s how I do new stuff. Oh!

The Beam Intens- oh, now I get it. Okay, let’s make you. Yes! Boltcaster- I have enough for this as well. I have no idea what you do, but that is awesome! Press two to activate- R2 to activate.

Mining beam. Okay. Do I have a gun now? First aid- health at maximum. Is it? Oh, it is.

See if I can sell anything. Sell items from your inventories. Cause I have too much! Um, Lemmium. [Reading] Used extensively in starship freighter construction Aw, I don’t wanna sell that, then. I’ma sell one of these.

I don’t know what that was. Fascination bead. Probably something super important now, and I’ll never find one again.

But..it. See ya later, Abet! It was nice talkin’ to ya- oh it’s night time now.

[Reading] Space station detected. Damaged machinery. Oo, I got new technology.

Oh, I need nickel for this. [Reading] Photon cannon fires at an increased rate. Oh, that’s my spaceship! My starship. Can I install it? Move and stick.

Do I [stutters] put it on the thing. ‘Kay, so there’s still a lot I have to figure out. I have no idea what any of this stuff does.

Photon cannon activate. Am I- am I activating it? I-I activated the outta that.

Okay. Moving on. I do fire bullets now! How do I use my- do I have to do that every time?

So, let me get this straight. For my multitool, if I just want to use the mining beam do I have to take this off?

I don’t know. Cause now it just seems like I fired the- the dudatron. Cause if I shoot now, it only fires the bolts. How do I get my mining beam back?

I’m so confused! Oo, look at that thing. Oh, he’s cool. ‘Kay. Of course, cause I’m in doors now.

Can I do anything in here? Or are you just a shelter? Come in and just sit down, and listen to the pitter-patter of the rain.

That is pretty cool, actually. Look at him go! It was the same when I was inside the ship. Wait, I’ll get inside the ship again.

I’m not leaving yet. I’m not going out to the space station yet. I will, though. That’ll beawesome. When you get into the ship you can just hear the little pitter-patter of the rain, it’s cool.

Not enough fuel in launch thruster. God, damn it. Launch thruster.

Activate. Plutonium! Booshk!

Now I have.. full. Wooo! Right, where are we goin’? Off planet, crashed ship, no. I wanna go to you. Manufacturing facility, yeah that’s the one I need.

I still need to build my Hyperdrive. There’s some stuff down there- there’s stuff everywhere! You could spend hours and hours and hours on just one planet. There we go. It’s cool, though. Volcaer Wastes.

Yeah, see- can I not have my mining beam back? Do I have to press a different button? No active technology in Multi-tool. Okay, reload. Oh, okay. *laughs* How do I get my thingie back?

This is bizarre! Maybe- maybe it’s the same, anyway. Maybe it’s just firing the exact same amount? Oh, wait. Triangle!

That was it. OH, okay! Now I get it. I forgot when I saw triangle in the controls menu before.

That’s the switch weapon modes. Makes sense. Let’s i- let’s iron all this ore! I keep hearing like creatures in the distance, it’s freaky!

That’s a lot of iron. What are you? Oh! A save! Nice! Can you scan?

It’s a little bright. Okay. Awesome.

Thanks. “Nothing found.” I got something, I heard it.

Okay, ohh, let’s go in here. “Steel reinforced. Destroy.” Okay, maybe I need to use the other one.

There we go! “Reinforced steel” my ass! Meet- Uh oh. Uh oh. Uh oh.

Run away, run a- OUCH! Ouchy, ouchy, ouchy.. Nyahh, “Bypass Chip Required.” I don’t have one of those. Can you guys just leave me alone? Yes..!

They’re- They’re just searching for me now. God! I can’t do anything without those bastards coming up at me! My aim isn’t good enough to be able to kill them all. No!

No! You don’t see me! You don’t see me! Nope! Nope! No, I’m a different guy.

I’m that other guy. I’m- I’m his friend! Who you’re looking for is- oh god! That is freaky as all hell!

Being able to see that in the distance. Jesus. ‘Kay, “Sentinel Forces Deactivated.”

Good. If I could just keep doing that- I don’t wanna fight them cause they’ll just keep showin’ up all the time. Ooh, Zinc. Thanks. Where did they go? Is that the space station?

I think so. Can I make another Bypass Chip? “Journey Milestone Accomplished.” This sucks cause it takes you outta the game. I can’t press any buttons when it’s doing this. “Ambulatory.

Travelled 7,500 units.” Uhm… Right, what was I making?

Oh, a Bypass Chip. Can I make another one? Yeah! So what does this do?